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Scheduler and pause



Scheduler allows you to create and edit schedules, which later can be assigned to groups. Every schedule is a matrix of 24 hours for 7 days. Time parameter is the local time of an agent.  Every cell can get one rule. By default, there are only 2 rules which you can assign: Full bandwidth (green cells) and pause synchronization (gray ones). Click a cell to cycle it to the next rule in the list below. Click and drag to change a number of cells at once.


Using "Add a rule" button you can add up to 5 more custom rules, each dictating limits to upload and download speed. Please note that the speed limit is only applied to internet traffic by default. You can enforce limit to local traffic by setting "Limit LAN bandwidth" in your profile.

Setting speed limit value 0 kB/s means that job will be paused. It applies to all transfers (global and local) regardless of "Limit LAN bandwidth" setting.
Pause implies that only bits downloads are stopped. It means that
- zero sized files will be synced either way;
- paused agent will be able to upload files, but won't download anything;
- file's deletion will be synced either way;
- new files will be rescanned and indexed, i.e. share size will increase accordingly on a paused agent. 

Scheduler timezone

Once an Agent receives its group schedule, it is going to enforce it according to the local time. So it would be wise to assign different schedules to Agents that are located in different timezones.
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