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Every Agent is capable of recording its own debug logs. By default, all Agents connected to the Resilio Management Console do record them. Admin can disable logging and Agent's profile. 

To manually collect the debug log from agents, go to Settings page -> Support. Select the agents to fetch the logs from.

Collecting logs manually

  1. “Fetch” button receives logs from selected clients (you can use combos standard for your OS to select multiple clients - shift and ctrl for Windows and Linux, shift and cmd for OS X). Those will be delivered to MC server and stored in MA"c storage folder in "clients_logs" directory. 
  2. Once Fetched, click button to get available logs. Please ensure that the logs you are interested in have "Ready for Download" status, i.e. the logs are delivered to your Connect Console.
  3. “Clear” button clears logs on both selected client and server.

Temp logs location

Fetched logs are stored in the /data/client-logs folder (can be changed in the Connect Management Console config file) by default.
You can access them by getting access to your Connect Console file system.
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