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Profile is a set of settings configuration that agents receive from Management Console to perform a job. You can see Profiles in Management Console -> Settings -> Profile.
There are two big blocks with default settings -  Agent profile and Job profile. You can also create customized profiles or edit settings in default ones. Settings and their values are explained below in expandable table, including setting name for API.

To create a new profile click button "Add". There you can check and uncheck certain settings. Unchecked ones are inherited from default profile (also means that if param changes there, it changes accordingly in a new profile). Checked one can be edited.

Agent profile:

This set of settings is assigned to an agent or a group of agents. If no profile is selected, default one is applied. This profile determines settings for agents in the group.
A job may be performed by a few groups of agents, each of which having their own settings.


Job profile:


This set of settings is assigned to the job on step "Settings" of creating the job and later can be changed when editing a job.

All agents doing this job have common settings from Job profile. These add to settings from Agent profile and make configuration complete.




Agent profile



Job profile




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