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Agent configuration file in detail

The Resilio Agent configuration file is a JSON formatted file, pre-generated by the Connect Management Console. Please see the table below for the list of config parameters in the “management_server” section:


Default value




IP:port pair where client will attempt to connect to Connect Management Console, supports IPv6 *, supports DNS name instead of IP


depends on certificate

Management Console certificate fingerprint



pre-generated authentication token. Used by Management Console to authenticate client initial connection.



Setting to true will prevent client to check Management Console's certificate fingerprint.


 Parameters, not included in “management_server” section: 

"folders_storage_path", default value %DOWNLOADS%. You can use it to configure where Agent should create folders when they arrive from the Connect Management Console. This variable points to a different location on different platforms. More information can be found in the path macros article.

"device_name", default not set. Can be used to give an agent a customized name. If device name is not set in config, agents takes workstation's name as per system settings. 

"cmd_pipe_name", default value "syncsvccmd_server". This is pipe name for Management Console to communicate with Management Server Agent. Used only in this agent's config. 

You can put IPv6 or IPv4 address there, depending on what address Management Console is configured to listen to. 
The correct syntax for IPv6 is: "host":"[ip:v6:add:r]:8444".


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