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Management Server Agent

Resilio Connect v 2.0 automatically installs another Agent on the same computer where Management Console runs. 
This agent appears in the list of agents on the corresponding tab and is named Management Server Desktop, where "Desktop" - is computer's name as per system settings. 


This agent was implemented to ease Connect deployment. In most cases admins need to have an agent on the same computer where they configure Management Console, and they have to install it and connect it to Console manually. So the new agent's initial goal is to do this task automatically: it gets installed and connects without any extra work by admin. 

Management Server starts and stops together with Management Console process. 

Once it's running, it acts equally with all other agents and can do all jobs. It follows the path macros  and stores the files there on the local computer. 

Management Server agent also automatically updates its agent config. On each restart Management Console check this agent's config. If it has changed, new one is generated. So even if Console's parameters change (bootstrap token, for example), the config is regenerateManagement Server will be reconnected silently. If you want to add some custom changes to Console's agent, edit file sync.conf.template instead.

The Agent does not register itself as service on Windows. On Linux it runs as rslagent process with the same user as Management Console. 


How to rename this agent?
Edit its config, sync.conf.template file, add "device_name":"ABC", parameter. This agent's config is a json, syntax must be preserved. Config file is located here:

How to stop this agent?
It is set up to restart automatically on fail. So even if the process is stopped, it will be relaunched. 
You can completely remove this agent from your setup though. For that you need to delete agent's config, delete its storage (settings) and remove executable binary from its location. All locations are given below. 
After that Management server will show up as "Not Connected" in Console. Select it there and click "Remove".


Windows - C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server\agent
Linux - {resilio-connect-server}/agent/.agent/

C:\Program Files\Resilio Connect Server\agent\Resilio Connect Agent.exe



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