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Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore view allows to make a backup and restore of all settings of your Connect Management Console - current agents, groups and jobs configuration. In Connect version 2.4 Admins can view backups but cannot restore a backup, in Connect v2.5.0 Admins don't have access to backups at all. 

"Restore" button. Restores a selected set of backed up settings. Only one backup can be selected from the list of backups available.
"Backup now" button. Allows to immediately save all server settings

By default, backup is done daily, with precise time being controlled by the “backup” section in the Connect Management Console config file:

  "backup": {
        "cleanup": "0 0 6 * * *",
        "schedule": "0 0 6 * * *",
        "ttl": 30

Schedule "0 0 6 * * *" stands for "second, minute, hour, day, week, month". Each backup is stored for 30 days (ttl param in config), those ones older than that are cleared.

Backup file format

Backups are stored in backup_####, where ### is the timestamp in unix format

Path to backup depending on server OS.

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Resilio\Connect Server\data\server_backup

Linux: {resilio-connect-server}/data/server_backup/


No symbolic links

Do not attempt to use symbolic links to point backup to a different location.

To change bakcup location, edit MC's config file and add "path" parameter. Restart Resilio Connect Server service. Don't forget to escape backslash for Windows.

 "backup": {
        "schedule": "*/5 * * * *",
        "cleanup": "*/5 * * * *",
        "ttl": 30,
        "path": "C:\\srv_bak\\backups"
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