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Resilio Connect packages are not available in official application store on Western Digital NAS, so manual installation and updating is required.


1. Download the agent config from Management Console. Edit it if necessary, name it sync.conf and put in /shares/Public directory on WD.

2. Download Agent package. 

3. On NAS go to Apps -> Add an app -> Install manually and pick the downloaded .bin file. 

The agent will get installed, copy the config file into its storage and get automatically connected to the Management Console. 

Agent will run as admin on the NAS and will take its name after the NAS device name. 


Download the package (bin). On NAS go to Apps and stop Resilio Agent. Click on "Install an app manually" and select the downloaded bin file. Agree to re-install. 

By default, all shares will be stored in the directory as defined in "folders_storage_path" value in agent config file sync.conf. This might be %DOWNLOADS%, %HOME% or %USERPROFILE% variable, their default destinations are given here. You can change these defaults by editing folders.conf file in storage folder - /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/ResilioAgent/settings 

  "downloads_folder_path" : "/shares/Public/Resilio Agent/Downloads",
  "user_profile_folder_path" : "/shares/Public/Resilio Agent",
  "home_folder_path" : "/shares/Public/Resilio Agent",
  "management_server": {
    "host": ""
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