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Configuring Agents To Connect To Local Tracker Server

There are 2 ways to configure your Resilio Agents to connect to your local Tracker Server.

Using profile

  • Open your Connect Server
  • Navigate to Settings -> Profiles
  • Edit the profile, which you applied to clients you want to use your local Tracker server
  • Find "Custom Trackers" parameter
  • Put your IP:port Tracker there. If you have a few ones, enter each from as a separate line. Note, that by default multiple trackers are working in load balancing mode.

Using config file

Before applying sync.conf to a client, add a new section there:

"folder_config" : {
       "trackers" :
         {"addr" : "<IP1:PORT1>"},
         {"addr" : "<IP2:PORT2>"}

 You can add mode addr values if you have more tracker servers. Resilio Connect support IPv6 addresses, so you can use these in config. The correct syntax will be "addr" : "[ip:v6:add:r]:port".

Important: Agents do not resolve DNS names while connecting to tracker servers. Only IP addresses are accepted
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