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Mobiles Agent installation and connecting to Management Console

To install Resilio Connect on a mobile device, open apps store and download Resilio Connect app. 

Start in and follow the steps below.

Prior to configuring it, on Management Console generate agent config: go to Settings -> General -> Generate config. Review the details and deliver that to the mobile device.

Generate config

Open Resilio Connect app on a mobile. On the welcome page you're prompted to connect to Management Console.
This can be done through the agent config mentioned above. Tap on CHOOSE and pick the previously delivered sync.conf from the system.
If for a reason there is no possibility to use sync.conf, it's possible to connect to the Management Console manually. You will need to manually enter Management Console's address, fingerprint and bootstrap token. These can be entered via clipboard: 
Address - is management Console IP address.
Port is 8444 by default if it hasn't been changed by admin. 
Certificate Fingerprint and Bootstrap token shall be copied from Management Console settings. 

iOS apply config

Once connected, Management Console will be mentioned in Settings -> Server  section.

Both mobiles will appear on AGENTS tab in Management Console after connection. They will take their name after device name in device settings. 

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