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Syncing NTFS permissions

Resilio Connect Agents sync Standard and Special NTFS permissions. This feature requires a special license with this option included. 

There are two modes, configurable in Profile:

1. By DACL: will synchronize user’s SID and permissions even if such user is not known to target system. Once target OS knows such a user, it’ll resolve SID to proper username. Connect agent must run as Local System to be able to sync permissions.

2. By owner group: same as above but also includes file/folder owner. Computers need to be in the same domain for the new owner to be applied, and Connect agent must run as domain Admin user.  If the target system does not know this user, owner will be the user who runs Agent here. 

NTFS permissions are preserved on non-NTFS filesystems and will be only applied when file again gets to NTFS FS. 

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