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Upgrading Resilio Connect to v2.3/2.4

When updating, it's advisable to update Management Console first, then Tracker and then Agents.

Upgrade from v2.1 to v2.2. and newer requires new license, current licenses are not supported. Contact your sales representative to get new license and link to download page. Each license may or may not have new features introduces in v2.2. 
If you already have license for v.2.2, proceed with update.

It's advisable to stop the running instance before updating.

Upgrading Management Console:

To update Resilio Connect Management Console installation, download the appropriate installer (for Windows or Linux) and follow the steps below.


Before updating open Services and see Logon for Resilio Connect Server and Management Console version. 

If it's Local Service, proceed with update.

Download Resilio Connect server msi file and launch it.
Follow the installation wizard steps. When picking the path for installation, pick the one where the current Management Console is installed.
After installation is finished, open Management Console UI on https://localhost:8443.

If your Logon type was LocalSystem, and Management Console version is 2.2.12, new storage folder will be created. To avoid reconfiguration of everything, copy folder resilio-connect-server from C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\ to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming.


Stop resilio-connect-server process. Download and unpack the archive to the same directory where Management Console has been previously unpacked. For example:

tar zxvf resilio-connect-server-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /opt

Launch the Management Console:
/opt/resilio-connect-server/srvctrl start

Open Management Console UI on https://localhost:8443.

Upgrading Tracker:

Resilio Connect v2.2 and newer automatically installs tracker on the same computer as Management Console. But if you already have a custom tracker configured, agents will keep using that. To update this tracker, download the installer for Windows or binary for Linux. Install it to the same location on Windows, or replace the binary on Linux.

Upgrading Agents:

Download the installer - msi or dmg  - and launch on Windows or Mac. If prompted to select account for agent in Windows - Local System or Local Service - select the one which is currently being used. 
To upgrade on Linux, replace the rslagent binary in its directory. Launch it the same way as before. If you installed the agent form deb or rpm package, update it using the package manager. 

To upgrade agent on a NAS, download the appropriate package and from package manager through manual installation option install the package. 

Remote upgrading of agents (apart from on a NAS) through distribution job  is also possible, guide is here

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