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Management Console

 2.2.12 (27/Nov/17)

  • Fixed agents not syncing files if Archive was cleared on them
  • Fixed error reporting for locked files
  • Fixed Script job starting on all agents instead of selected ones
  • Fixed Console's database not saves sometimes
  • Fixed and improved some API calls
  • Improved logging by tracker server
  • Removed some excessive error messages

2.2.11 (15/Nov/17)

  • Post command fails on consolidation job destination agent in some cases
  • Fixed monitoring of locked files
  • Improved error reporting (02/Nov/17)

  • Improved error reporting by agents
  • Improved events.log amount of event typesFixed "No connection to tracker" error appearing
  • spontaneously
  • Fixed "No connection to tracker" error appearing after transfer job completion
  • Fixed transfer jobs not writing events to events.log
  • Fixed inability to download log files when logs are huge
  • Fixed API not reporting anything when content-type not specified
  • Fixed MC not resetting "Disk full" error (29/Sep/17)

  • Added job minute run granulartity (12/Sep/17)

  • Added transfer job events to events.log (11/Sep/17)

  • Optimized backup processing when used with 1K+ agents
  • Optimized job history dialog when used with 1K+ agents
  • Fixed Server DB getting damaged on emergency MC shutdown (1/Sep/17)

  • Improved event log for Sync jobs
  • File locks are shown as errors in MC
  • Optimized MC UI traffic consumption
  • Fixed invalid Agent status after update
  • Fixed sporadic MC UI disconnects from the server
  • Fixed inability to upgrade from older versions of Connect
  • Fixed server invalid links to Agents
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (14/Aug/17)

  • Added job paused / unpaused status in Console API
  • Fixed Console API showing invalid job status sometimes
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (02/Aug/17)

  • Implemented transfer jobs timeouts with specific configurable messages
  • Implemented job restart on selected agents only
  • Implemented Agent identification by name only
  • Added warning when disk space is less than 5%
  • Added “select all” checkbox in group properties
  • Improved server performance
  • Updated transfer job history with start / stop time
  • Fixed server not downloading logs sometimes
  • Other minor and cosmetic fixes and changes

2.2.0 (20/Jul/17)

  • Management Console API
  • Multi-level admin login
  • AD integration for admins
  • NTFS permissions synchronization
  • Files transfer speed optimization
  • Tracker server integrated
  • Splunk log integration (17/Jul/17)

  • Only updated agent in Console (18/May/17)

  • Fixed incorrect time in transfers history
  • Implemented default profile which does not conflict to other profiles
  • Fixed transfers non-running if at least one transfer in a job has an error
  • Fixed transfers not added to history
  • Fixed NO_TRACKER_CONNECTION_ERROR not displayed
  • Fixed unfinished job not mentioned in history
  • Fixed inability to stop failed job
  • Fixed inability to start consolidation job (28/Apr/17)

  • Fixed MC memory leak (20/Apr/17)

  • Improved events.log to conform JSON format
  • Implemented events.log rotation (11/Apr/17)

  • Implemented automatic server settings backup before upgrade
  • Implemented server preserving user account when upgrading (only valid for upgrade to version newer than
  • Fixed newly added tag absent in drop-down list
  • Fixed columns sorting working incorrectly sometimes
  • Fixed agent removed from transfer job sometimes
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (16/Mar/17)

  • Fixed files and size reset to zero after server restart
  • Fixed files and size reset to zero after upgrade
  • Fixed Consolidation job removal during upgrade
  • Fixed script logs not fetching after client restart
  • Fixed inability to change job properties
  • Fixed incorrect tags resolution causing transfer job stop after upgrade
  • Fixed job showing progress status after server restart
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (07/Mar/17)


  • Made transfer jobs reusable
  • Improved transfer jobs control (start / stop anytime)
  • Add scheduler for automatic transfer jobs reuse
  • Implemented new "Run script" type of job
  • Added more triggers to run scripts on agents
  • Added job execution history (only transfer jobs)
  • Added explicit macros for source and destination paths
  • Implemented job information view
  • Implemented column rearrangement
  • Other UI improvements


  • MC UI information not updated sometimes
  • Job errors slide to other, non-related jobs
  • UI shows "undefined" in total data transferred sometimes
  • Zero-sized files are not counted
  • Column sorting is invalid
  • Job search works incorrectly in Create/Edit Group dialog
  • Other minor UI fixes (17/Feb/17)

  • Only updated Agent, packaged as a part of MC (14/Feb/17)

  • Minor cosmetic fixes (06/Feb/17)

  • Fixed global statistic is incorrect sometimes (30/Jan/17)

  • Fixed "Total data downloaded" column not updating automatically (23/Jan/17)

  • Fixed unassigned agents showing up in MC as "synced" (18/Jan/17)

  • Fixed job showing incorrect size sometimes
  • Fixed server not saving group changes if shut down unexpectedly (28/Dec/16)

  • Introduced "Custom tracker modes" settings to profiles
  • Fixed groups removal on backup restoration
  • Fixed incorrect number of groups in job dashboard (16/Dec/16)

  • Minor UI fixes (15/Dec/16)

  • Job description column is now available (12/Dec/16)

Changes and improvements

  • Improved memory usage
  • Introduced template config for Console Agent
  • Calculate speed in kbps in Scheduler


  • Incorrect percentage shown in status column
  • Wrong size of synced files for older (1.3.x) Agents
  • Fixed unlimited param in Scheduler
  • Minor fixes (02/Dec/16)

  • Fixed update error from (01/Dec/16)

  • Improved server performance
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (28/Nov/16)


  • Dashboard graph slow updates
  • Invalid dashboard graphs after server restart
  • Agents stop syncing immediately after license expires
  • Console UI hangs when opening job details
  • Console UI hangs when selecting 1 hour step for graph
  • Console UI loads extremely slowly after server restart
  • Job dashboard does not open sometimes
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (23/Nov/16)


  • Saw-shaped "Total bytes transferred" graph
  • Server's agent does not reconnect to Console
  • Server installation fails if Windows Firewall service is disabled
  • Job details show incorrect size for selective sync clients (21/Nov/16)

Features and improvements

  • New transmission modes - data distribution and consolidation
  • New dashboard introduced, providing overall overview, stats for agents and jobs
  • Job post-command, allowing to run custom command on target peer when job is complete
  • Selective Sync RW folders support
  • Agents real-time status, showing space, memory and CPU usage
  • Agents tagging, allowing flexible agents sorting and control
  • Jobs pause / unpause
  • Simplified setup for Management Console and Agents
  • Built-in Agent instance for Management Console installation
  • Dynamic diff, allowing less data to be transfered when files are changed
  • Peers limit per share is now configurable via profiles
  • Agents can now keep fully-replicated RO folders by removing files that are absent on RW peer


  • Agents disconnect when old license expires and new license applied
  • Scheduler starts and stops Agent activity at xx:30 instead of xx:00
  • Server IP is not updated in config export when IP changes
  • Minor cosmetic fixes


Resilio Agent (02/Nov/17)

  • Improved error reporting by agents
  • Improved events.log amount of event types (29/Sep/17)

  • Added whitelisting to synchronization (12/Sep/17)

  • Added transfer job events to events.log
  • Fixed agent getting stuck on consolidation job (11/Sep/17)

  • Improved data integrity control for Distribution job (1/Sep/17)

  • Fixed agent reporting invalid synced status
  • Fixed agents unable to connect sometimes (2/Aug/17)

  • Implemented transfer jobs timeouts
  • Improved Agents handling “out of space” event
  • Other minor and cosmetic fixes and changes

2.2.0 (20/Jul/17)

  • NTFS permissions synchronization
  • Files transfer speed optimization (17/Jul/17)

  • Fixed Agent ending in endless merge loop (25/May/17)

  • Fixed agent ignoring "No encryption in LAN" setting
  • Fixed Windows agent ignoring "Tracker Mode" setting (18/May/17)

  • Fixed file deduplication not working for transfer jobs (03/May/17)

  • Fixed saving Agent's DB (27/Apr/17)

  • Fixed connectivity issues over UDP protocol (18/Apr/17)

  • Optimized Agent processing of numerous jobs
  • Improved Agent handling network changes (5/Apr/17)

  • Improved small files transfer speed (30/Mar/17)

  • Fixed agent crashing sometimes during indexing (16/Mar/17)

  • Fixed files get stuck after Agent upgrade
  • Fixed Agents disconnecting from MC and tracker sometimes (07/Mar/17)


  • Use new version of cipher suite (SHA2)
  • Synchronize POSIX permissions
  • Implemented de-duplicaion (file copy instead of re-download if agent has file with same hash already)
  • Implemented rolling checksum (synchronization of only changed part of a file)
  • Improved compatibility to different ISPs


  • Client never reaches speed limit with high bandwidth (100Mbits+)
  • Pre-seeded files on RO peer are not replaced by Sync job
  • Fixed files not synchronizing
  • Agents do not send events to MC after restart
  • Agent does not start on any RPM-based Linux
  • Desktop agents do not connect anywhere in pure IPv6 networks
  • Removed redundant broadcast and multicast discovery requests
  • Agents do not use custom tracker sometimes (14/Feb/17)

  • Fixed Agents speed degradation (14/Feb/17)

  • Fixed Agents disconnecting sometimes on Linux machines with IPv6 enabled
  • Fixed redundant CPU usage by Agent when synchronizing many copies of same files (06/Feb/17)

  • Minor cosmetic fixes (30/Jan/17)

  • Fixed Agent disconnecting from MC after bootstrap token expiration sometimes (23/Jan/17)

  • Fixed Agent crashing on invalid path specified in distribution job
  • Optimized Agent traffic (18/Jan/17)

  • Improved indexing speed for large number of files
  • Fixed synchronization getting stuck between Agents after upgrade from 1.3.5
  • Fixed Agents preferring WAN connection when LAN connection is available sometimes
  • Minor cosmetic fixes (28/Dec/16)

  • Fixed agent not listening port 8888 when API enabled sometimes (16/Dec/16)

  • Fixed connectivity issue over NATs (15/Dec/16)

  • Fixed crash during large file transfers
  • Added High Availability mode for Tracker servers (12/Dec/16)


  • Agent crashes while switching to current user and using %HOME% path macro
  • Incorrect files count reported by Agents
  • Agents don't send events after restart
  • Improve communications with Tracker
  • Other minor fixes (01/Dec/16)

  • Minor stability fixes (18/Nov/16)

Features and improvements

  • Selective Sync RW folders support
  • Mobile devices support
  • Agents real-time status, showing space, memory and CPU usage
  • Dynamic diff, allowing less data to be transfered when files are changed
  • Agents can now keep fully-replicated RO folders by removing files that are absent on RW peer


  • "Known hosts" field is not applied from profile
  • Client does not resolve DNS when connecting to MC for the second time
  • Fix error "Cannot open destinantion folder" with custom folder locaion on WinXP (07/Jul/16)

  • Added ability to set max_peers in agent config file (use transfer_peers_limit parameter)
  • Apply known hosts to all folders when policy arrives
  • Fix timediff error showing up sometimes when new user logs in
  • Fix agent's listening port randomizing regardless of setting in profile
  • Fix files stopped syncing, messages "missing or broken suffix" show up in logs
  • Fix files get re-downloaded when connection breaks sometimes
  • Fixed agent crashes on Mac


Tracker Server

2.1.52 (21/Mar/17)

  • Fixed tracker not informing part of the large swarm about new peer arrival

2.0.47 (07/Dec/16)

  • Improved NAT traversal

2.0.42 (29/Nov/16)

  • Added Resilio icon for Windows version of Tracker

2.0.41 (24/Nov/16)

  • Fixed tracker binary path on Windows

2.0.39 (16/Nov/16)

  • Fixed tracker non-showing its version in log

2.0.38 (16/Nov/16)

  • Added IPv6 support


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