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Change log (20/March/2019)

  • Dockerized MC
  • Disabled ability to create job with empty paths for agents
  • Fixed rename of sync job run after renaming the job itself
  • Minor UI improvements (25/Feb/2019)

  • Fixed applying new job’s priority to active job run
  • Implemented job run’s priority
  • Fixed rename of sync job run after renaming the job itself
  • Fixed invalid time filter in Events tab
  • Added support for iPv6 in Predefined Hosts option
  • Fixed sorting by size in job run’s agents view (15/Feb/2019)

  • Implemented MC audit events log
  • Added limit of 10 login attempts
  • Fixed sometimes inactive "Save" button when editing job
  • Added “Server log level” as advanced setting
  • Fixed connectivity to MC when bootstrap token is missing (17/Dec/2018)

  • implemented selection of shells for script triggers
  • feature to automatically sort new agent into groups
  • improved agent details with full events logs fetching
  • added option to clean database from old job runs history records
  • improved fetching of big volumes of events logs on slow connection
  • added validation of tags in scripts
  • show last seen IP address for offline agents (12/Nov/2018)

  • fixed migration of finished transfers from pre-2.5 versions. (31/Oct/2018)

  • Implemented Job Runs for each job
  • Added detailed information about Job Run and agents
  • Redesigned UI and menu
  • Implemented a track of alerts on Console and agents
  • Fixed losing settings after Windows update (23/Aug/2018)

  • Improved message exchange with agents (01/Aug/2018)

  • Fixed saving changes in edited job when clicking ‘Cancel’
  • Improved fetching big volumes of debug logs from agents
  • Fixed agents’ failure to reconnect to MC after crash
  • New option to create source folder for transfer jobs with pre-indexing script (custom parameter Job profile)
  • False positive warning about agent running out of space in some cases (29/June/2018)

  • Configurable backup location
  • Reporting of up status (21/June/2018)

  • Fixed checkboxes in Profiles in Internet explorer 11
  • Put link to Q&A site (11/June/18)

  • Adding agents to transfer jobs when it’s running
  • API for transfer priority per agent (29/May/18)

  • Implemented transfer prioritizing for an agent. 
  • Fixed synchronization of unwanted files when using Whitelist "all files" in Profile
  • Fixed saving AD user groups in Management Console
  • Fixed removal of files with too long filenames from Linux OS
  • Fixed dll loading schema (04/May/18)

  • Added Advanced user management
  • Different authorization levels for API tokens
  • Ability to see agents’ event logs in UI
  • Added certificates and license into backup
  • Option to resume paused jobs by schedule
  • Fixed empty error messages
  • Fixed upgrade failures in cases when MC is installed into a custom directory
  • Preserve sorting order when switching between tabs

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  • Fixed handling system file events over SMB
  • Fixed Selective Sync context menu items for UNC paths
  • Improved periodic rescan pace
  • Docerized agents
  • Fixed crash (25/Feb/2019)

  • Minor fixes and improvements (15/Feb/2019)

  • Implemented Agent UI
  • Fixed FileDelayConfig
  • Core fixes and improvements (04/Jan/2019)

  • Improved handling of incorrect disconnection of unplugged drives
  • Fixed execution of post scripts if job has offline agents
  • Improved connectivity between agents
  • Fixed checkmarks in Finder for Selective Sync folders
  • Minor fixes and improvements (17/Dec/2018)

  • clear cache of old "known hosts" addresses
  • optimized speed of transferring large numbers of small files over WAN
  • option to set agent tags through agent config file
  • added possibility to merge agent config into msi (11/Nov/2018)

  • minor fixes in signing file updates (31/Oct/2018)

  • Improved speed of syncing to a network share
  • Option to install service with logon under specific user by msi
  • Removed expiration date from peer certificate
  • "Force complete job for offline agent" now works for Consolidation job
  • Fixed applying Known Hosts parameter
  • Fixed failure to connect to Management Console with wrong Bind Interface setting
  • Fixed restarting agent via script if a child process runs
  • Fixed removing files with long names from Linux machine
  • Fixed incorrect disk space calculation in some cases
  • Force rescan of locked files once they're unlocked
  • Increased priory of system notifications over periodic rescan
  • Fixed losing settings after Windows update (23/Aug/2018)

  • Optimized memory cache usage. (01/Aug/2018)

  • Fixed crashes of agents on OSX 10.9 and 10.8.
  • Support for %SDCARD% path macro on Android agent. (29/June/2018)

  • Fixed silent installation on Windows (21/June/2018)

  • Fixed deadlock causing agent to stall
    Added error message for changed files in transfer jobs. (11/June/18)

  • Option not to normalize unicode (29/May/18)

  • Implemented transfer prioritizing for an agent. 
  • Fixed syncing NTFS Owner permissions
  • Fixed synchronization of unwanted files when using Whitelist "all files" in Profile
  • Fixed agent crash 
  • Fixed removal of files with too long filenames from Linux OS
  • Fixed dll loading schema (04/May/18)

  • Fixed not resettings “locked files” error in certain cases
  • Fixed sending debug logs from a Linux agent
  • Fixed disconnecting from MC because of expired bootstrap and big policy
  • “Known hosts” parameter not applied if added for already configured job.
  • Crash fixes
  • Agents disconnect because of expired bootstrap token
  • Option “Overwrite any changes” in profile is now True by default
  • Fixed incorrect job statuses when files are removed from Archive
  • Consolidation job unable to start anymore in certain conditions
  • Fixed crashes

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2.6.336 (20/March/2019)

  • Dockerized tracker

2.6.336 (15/Feb/2019)

  • Minor improvements

2.5.302 (31/Oct/2018)

  • Changed settings storage folder on Windows

2.4.242 (21/June/2018)

  • Fixed update of tracker on Windows

2.1.52 (21/Mar/17)

  • Fixed tracker not informing part of the large swarm about new peer arrival

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