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Agents don't connect to Management Console

If you installed Resilio Management Console, and followed the steps to connect agents to it, but still do not see your agents on the Clients tab, follow these steps to troubleshoot: 


1. Check that Resilio Agent processes are running. 

OS X: open Activity monitor and search for "Resilio Connect Agent" process. 
Windows: hit "Win+R" key combination, type services.msс. In the list of services search for "Resilio Connect Agent Service" and make sure it's running. Try restarting it. 
Linux: in Terminal, run command ps aux | grep agent. You will see a process ./rslagent --config sync.conf running.


2. They are running, but still agents don't connect: check that they are using agent config.

Check the following directories for sync.conf file:
OS X: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Resilio Connect Agent
Windows: C:\Program Files\Resilio Connect Agent
Linux: the process shall run with --config sync.conf argument as mentioned above.

If the config is missing, re-download it from Management Console again. 


3. Config is present and being used by agent: check the config content itself.

Verify two things:
- Console's address, bootstrap token and Certificate fingerprint are correct. Compare those in config to those on Management Console UI -> Settings.
- JSON format validity, either run it through a json validator or visually check it.


4. Config is correct: check network between agents and Management Console.

Make sure that involved ports and protocols are properly configured and not-blocked. Allow this traffic through your firewalls.
If you use Console's DNS name in agent's config, verify that it resolves to an available IP address for this agent. 


If neither of the tips helps, please collect logs - from Connect's storage folder:
from agents - sync.log and all sync.log###zip files
from management console - common.log

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