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Updating Resilio Connect Agents manually

Updgrade order

Update your private tracker server (if you use one), and Management Console prior updating your Agents.

To update Agents download the appropriate installer and follow the steps below. 

Agents will remain in their groups after update. All folders assigned to the agent will be reverted to Synchronization job


Download the Resilio Connect msi file to the Windows workstation.
Stop the current Resilio Connect Agent if it's running and launch the downloaded msi, follow its steps. 
When prompted for service user, pick the one that the current installation runs with. If it's running with Local Service, leave that.
If for a reason you'd want to switch to Local System, then:
 - new Agent's settings will be created in System's AppData location. As a result new agent will appear in the list, and it will not be configured, as it's seen as a new agent.  

- Wizard will require relaunch Windows Explorer upon installation. 

After update is complete, the agent will keep on working the way it was set up. 

Stop current rslagent process. Download the agent's tar archive and unpack it to the same directory where agent is located. Launch it the same way and with the same config as agent. 

Succesful update conditions

For successful updating and preserving all the settings, two conditions must be met:
1) New Agent shall be using same settings as 'old' Agent
Settings are kept in .sync directory in the current location (pwd) from there the process is launched. So updated agent shall also be launched from the same directory. 
2) Agent shall have read-write access to the settings and shared files. So if necessary, adjust posix permissions in the system.

Download the Resilio Connect Agent dmg file. Stop the current Agent if it's running and launch the downloaded package. Move it to Applications folder picking to replace the existing file. 

Once done, launch the Agent the way you're used to. 

Agent will preserver its settings and keep working the way it was set up. 

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