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General Settings

General administration settings page is divided into sections


& Security.
Shows the currently logged in user. You can change WebUI login and password here, as well as sign out of the session. If you lost your password and cannot sign in, use the procedure of resetting password.

2-1.pngServer settings.
These settings can be used to connect Agents to the Management Console without using config file. Server settings are automatically inserted into config file once you click the "Generate Client Config" button.
Server connection port is 8444 by default. It can be changed by adjusting Console config
Server certificate fingerprint is unique to each server and is used to authenticate Server once Agent attempts to connect.
Bootstrap token allows the server to authenticate clients. Read more about bootstrap token. 

Advanced settings include two options:
History ttl: in milliseconds by default, value 7776000000 is 90 days. This is how long old job runs are kept in Console's database. The longer they are there, the bigger database grows. 
Identify agent by name: by default agent takes its name after computer name, at the same time it has a random ID generated after installation and first launch. This setting means that even if agent is reinstalled on computer, it won't connect to MC as new agent. 

License details

License details.
Provides all information about currently used license, features available and allows to apply new license when necessary. Button "Check for license update" applies license changes if any. Also, Console checks for changes every 24 hours and at every restart. 


LDAP Authentication.
Allows to connect to your Active Directory servers for users import. 


Shows current MC version, number of connected agents (both online and offline) as well as support contact information.

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