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WAN optimization

Resilio Agents can communicate over new uTP2 protocol designed for bulk data transfer in WAN. WAN optimization tab allows to configure which clients can use uTP2 protocol for faster data transfer.


  1. Maximum number of clients allowed for WAN-optimized traffic by the license. Speed tier allowed by your license. There are 3 tiers in total:
    Tier 1 allows speed up to 100Mbit/sec
    Tier 2 allows speed up to 500Mbit/sec
    Tier 3 allows speed up to 1Gbit/sec

  2. Filter, can show all your clients, ones with allowed WAN optimization and ones with disabled optimization.

  3. List of clients. Use checkboxes to indicate which clients are allowed to use optimization. Note: 2 clients must have WAN optimization allowed to use uTP2 protocol between them. If any client has WAN optimization disabled, no other clients will be able to communicate to it over uTP2.




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