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WAN optimization

Resilio Agents can communicate over new uTP2 protocol designed for bulk data transfer. This protocol is built over UDP and can detect available bandwidth or network congestions and adjust its behavior accordingly in a smart way - increase data transit if possible, or avoid data loss and unwanted packet retransmission on a busy pipe. 

This feature's availability is defined by license - "WAN optimization" is either included there or not. WAN optimization supports three speed tiers, also defined by license. These are:
Tier 1 allows speed up to 100Mbit/sec
Tier 2 allows speed up to 500Mbit/sec
Tier 3 allows speed up to 1Gbit/sec

 WAN optimization can be enabled from AGENTS tab, using the toggle in corresponding column



If license does not support this feature, a corresponding error will show up. Contact sales representative to have it added to your license. 


In a job, 2 clients must have WAN optimization enabled for uTP2 protocol to be used between them. If any client has it disabled, no other clients will be able to communicate with it over uTP2.

 By default this option applies only for WAN transfers. In LAN agents use TCP protocol mainly so the option does not apply. However, is can be enabled for VPN tunnels with custom parameter "prefer_utp2_lan": true in Profile.



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