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Selective Sync

With Selective Sync, Resilio Connect gives a flexible choice in downloading files on an agent. It lets selectively pick the files or subfolders that you need to sync right now, leaving all others as zero-sized placeholders until you actually need them. Once done with the downloaded files, you can revert them back to a placeholder releasing the storage. Selective Sync works only for Windows and OS X agents and only for Synchronization job.

This is especially valuable for two good big reasons:

- you don't have to wait till all the files in the queue above the necessary one get synced. Once the tree of placeholders is build, you can jump to the wanted file and get it synced right away.

- it saves space on computer. Placeholders do not take as much space as the file itself, and you can un-sync the file if you don't need it anymore. The file becomes a placeholder and free space increases.

Due to lack of integration with file system, Selective Sync does not work for Linux agents and also for Management Server agent on Windows

Selective Sync has two permissions levels - Read-Only and Read-Write.

Disable lazy indexing

Selective Sync is incompatible to lazy indexing feature. If you plan to use selective sync - please add lazy_indexing custom parameter into a job profile and set its value to false


There are two ways to enable it:

1) When creating a Synchronization job, on the step of creating an RW or RO group.



2) When creating/editing a group:37.png



Once a client gets Selective Sync access, a folder appears on it in accordance with Path Macros. Any files added to the same folder on other clients, appear on this one as .rsl~ placeholders:


To get a file downloaded right-click on it and pick "Sync to this device" menu (bulk selection is possible), or double click on a file. When a file is synced, the .rsl~ extension gets removed.

IMPORTANT: at least one client with RW access to the folder and a copy of the requested files shall be online and connected. If there is no such client, this one will have no where to download the file from!

 Fully synced files are marked with a green checkmark.

When the client no longer needs the file, it's possible to locally clear it. Right click on the file or subfolder and select "Remove from this device". Option "Remove from all devices" will propagate deletion to other agents and delete file there. Alternatively, one can use system's Delete menu - deleting the file will revert it to a placeholder, deleting a placeholder will delete the file from other agents.

All these options work for subfolders: select the whole subfolder to "Sync to this device" and all files inside it will be downloaded.
Later, if source peer adds files in this subfolder, the files will be also automatically downloaded here.

To clear the subfolder, right-click on it and select "Remove from this device". All files inside will be cleared and subfolder itself will also become a placeholder.

Important note: if you right-click on subfoldername.rlsc placeholder, it will just show the placeholder files inside. You need to right-click on subfolder again and again select "Sync to this device" to have all files inside downloaded.





Agents on Windows and OS X register context menu items in the system when Selective Sync is enabled for them. This will bring the "Sync to this device", "Remove from this device" and "Remove from all devices" menu options into right-click context.
Note, Linux agents and Management Server agent don't make use of Selective Sync.
If those menus don't show up despite enabled Selective Sync, see here to troubleshoot.

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