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Synchronizing many files across multiple sites

Resilio Connect gives option to perform file transfer across multiple agents back and forth, or perform one-way file backup - through a Synchronization job. Files in the shares can be modified, new files added and some deleted, and these changes propagated to other agents in real time. With this job you can also make scheduled backup or file exchange.

In this example we will be synchronizing Invoices folder across agents and backup the files to a server at the end of the day. Before proceeding, go to tab Settings -> Bandwidth Schedule and add a new schedule, give it a name and set the rule: pause everything apart from preferred hours for syncing.



This example assumes that you’ve already connected workstations as Resilio Connect Agents to the Management console.

Synchronization job is created and configured on the Jobs tab, “Create New Job” button, through a step-by-step wizard.


Details step. Here we give the job a name and description. The name will also be used to create a share on workstations for further synchronization if paths defaults will be picked on further step. This is optional and default name can be used, description may be skipped.

Pick the Read-Write group. If you don't have an already configured group with all wanted agents, you can create it right here and add agents to it. Agents belonging to this group will be able to upload the files to others, and exchange files across each other in all directions. A few RW groups can be a part of a single Synchronization job.
You can also enable “Selective Sync” option for some of them at this step.


Pick the Read-Only group. Same as with Read-Write group, you can either select already existing ones or create a new group. However, agents from this group will only be able to download files from others, but won't be uploading new files, file updates or deletions. In this example we’ll use this group to collect daily scheduled backups from RW agents. For this group we will pick the backup schedule that we’ve created in advance. Schedule can be picked either when creating a new group or when editing an existing one.



Path. On this step you can specify location for syncing folder on all agents in RW and RO groups. You can use default Path Macros, or specify Custom location. Paths are grouped by operating systems. So if you have a few agents on same platform, but need them to store files in different locations, create separate groups for them.


Review Summary. You can go back to any step and make adjustments. Save if everything is correct. Once created, the job will transfer files from specified custom locations on agents, or will create the new folders if Path Macros were used.
All files from all agents will get merged and keep on syncing.


The job will appear on “Jobs” tab and later you’ll be able to add new groups and new agents to this job.


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