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How to reset admin password?

SuperAdmin can reset passwords for other users.

If SuperAdmin cannot do that for a reason (cannot login to Management Console as well or is away), follow the steps below

Instruction for v2.3.1! To reset password for Resilio Connect v2.2, do not use <path> parameter in step 3.


  1. Open Services console (Win + R, “services.msc”) and stop “Resilio Connect Server” service
  2. Open elevated Command Prompt (run it as Admin) and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Resilio Connect Server"
  3. Run command 
    srvctrl.cmd resetpassword <username> --appdata <path>
    where path is MC's storage folder. Depending on service's Logon type, it will be either 
    C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server or 
  4. Start “Resilio Connect Server” service and go by the link suggested in command output.



Reset password steps:

  1. Stop Management Console with ./srvctrl stop command
  2. Reset password with
    ./srvctrl resetpassword <username> --appdata <path> 
    where path is the directory where srvctrl is installed. 
  3. Start server with ./srvctrl start and open the link from command output



Enter the new password and login 


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