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Failed login and resettings password in Management Console

Each user account in Management Console is protected with username/password credentials. These are set when new user is created by SuperAdmin. 

If invalid password is attempted 10 times in a row, user is blocked from MC

 SuperAdmin can reset user's password through management Console UI.  SuperAdmin shall login to MC, go to settings -> User. Find the necessary user and edit it providing with new password.

If the user is blocked, SuperAdmin must reset password by clicking on 'Blocked' status of the user and get the token generated

Copy the generated link and paste it into url bar. Enter and confirm the new password. This user gets automatically logged in. 

If SuperAdmin cannot do that for a reason (cannot login to Management Console as well or is away), follow the steps below

  1. Open Services console (Win + R, “services.msc”) and stop “Resilio Connect Server” service
  2. Open elevated Command Prompt (run it as Admin) and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Resilio Connect Server"
  3. Run command
    srvctrl.cmd resetpassword <username> --appdata <path>
    where path is MC's storage folder. MC storage path is "C:\ProgramData\Resilio\Connect Server".
    For pre-2.5 versions of Connect product path depends on user account running Management Console:
    C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server or
  4. Start “Resilio Connect Server” service and go by the link suggested in command output.
  1. Stop Management Console with ./srvctrl stop command
  2. Reset password with
    ./srvctrl resetpassword <username> --appdata <path to srvctrl>/var
    where <path to srvctrl> is the directory where srvctrl is installed.
  3. Start server with ./srvctrl start and open the link from command output


 Enter the new password and login 


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