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Resilio Connect Benefits and Features

Resilio Connect is a high performance, scalable, and centrally managed solution for Enterprise file synchronization and data transfer.

Resilio Connect provides reliable software-based replication over mixed infrastructure to overcome real-world enterprise IT challenges. Cross-platform code is simple to deploy and requires no specialized hardware to achieve optimal performance.

Resilio Connect leverages the last 12 years of BitTorrent peer-to-peer networking experience and builds a completely new protocol that delivers the performance and reliability Enterprise customers expect. It also allows you to save bandwidth when distributing updates to multiple endpoints, removes your dependecies of centralized servers, and can handle transfers of over one million files with ease to match your business needs.

The updated uTP2 protocol is designed for bulk data transfer over WAN and is highly efficient, especially over networks with high latency or packet loss. Quickly and reliably move data from point-to-point.

Example use cases:

  • WAN optimized point-to-point data transfer
  • one-to-many file replication
  • synchronization of data between multiple locations
  • data transfer over poor network conditions

Preview build features:

  • Browser-­based control of each deployed instance from a Resilio Connect Management Console
  • ­Dashboard of reporting events, audits & status for each Agent with logging and email notification
  • ­Policy based events: scheduling, speed throttling, prioritizations and on demand replication
  • ­Unidirectional, bidirectional and multidirectional synchronization topologies ­
  • Headless engine runs as a service on clients
  • ­Runs entirely on private infrastructure (network and storage)
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