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Dashboard - performance monitor

Resilio Connect has three dashboards for overall estimation of how agents perform: overview, per job run and per agent dashboard. All of them monitor current or previous activity and can show information for latest month, day, hour or 10 minutes. Additionally dashboard shows real-time graphs for the current activity. It automatically shows up when there's something being transferred and hides when it's done. All speeds are indicated in Megabytes per second.

Overview dashboard shows information on all current alerts, job runs and agents. Sections are pretty self-descriptive and they include: max transfer speed detected, total files and bytes transferred, network failures causing agents' disconnects and the speed of 15 slowest agents. 

This dashboard is available on tab OVERVIEW. 

Job Run dashboard shows information on the clicked Job Run: current status, the status of agents in it, any possible errors, graphs with max transfer speed, bytes and number of files transferred, and the number of network disconnects., and some of time estimation 
To open this dashboard: click on a Job Run and navigate between tabs Overview and Statistic



Agent dashboard shows the number of active job runs, system load and state, possible errors and alerts, agent's settings 
To open this dashboard: click on an agent in Agents tab. Navigate between Overview and Monitor tabs. 

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