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Upgrading your Agents using Distribution Job

Having a lot of agents in your environment you can use Connect's Distribution job to update them. Follow the steps:

  • Ensure that your target OSes meet the prerequisites (specific for each OS, see below)
  • Create Distribution job.
  • Source path should contain at least 2 files for each OS you plan to upgrade: a script and a binary. See particular OS below, files section.
  • OS and actual path on source do not matter. Path on target computer also does not matter.
  • Ensure to enable one of triggers "Run script when agent completes download" or "Run script when all agents complete download".
  • Get the OS-specific command and put it into relevant OS script box.
  • Ensure that job only runs manually
  • Run the job once ready.
Important: It is strongly recommended to test your upgrade on a small group of computers first.



Prerequisites. Ensure your Agents on windows run as "SYSTEM" or user account with admin privileges. If they run under "Local Service" account, automatic upgrade is not possible due to security subsystem limitations.

Files. These files must be delivered to your Windows destination (download here scripts and xml. Binaries should be downloaded from Resilio Connect download site):
Resilio Connect-Agent.exe 

Job Path. Set the job destination path to "C:\ResilioUpgrade"

Command. Copy the command in "Windows" section of the "After agent completes downloading" trigger from here.

Output. Agent will be updated and reconnect to Console. Fetch the script logs from job details dialog to see if anything went wrong.



Prerequisites. Resilio Connect Agent app must be installed in system's global "/Applications" folder. Please ensure that user with admin privileges logged in during the upgrade. The script will prompt for admin password during upgrade to actually replace application bundles.

Files. These files must be delivered to your OS X destination:

Command. Put next commands in "Mac" section of the trigger:
chmod +x agent_update_mac
nohup ./agent_update_mac &

Output. The script will show system notifications once starting upgrade and once done. Also, script will ask for admin password, so minor user interaction required. Output log file "update-<date>.log" will spawn in each Agent's storage folder. Use it to debug any issues that arise during upgrade.



As Agent runs under rslagent or local user account, update cannot be triggered by Agent itself due to Linux security model.

Use your Linux packet manager to update your packages. When installed via Resilio official repository Agent will update automatically with next system update.

Remote updating of NAS is not possible. For NAS devices use new NAS packages to update Agents.

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