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Applying License

Once you start Resilio Management Console, it requests license to be installed:


You won't be able to use Resilio Management Console until you apply license. License is a *.syncit file and it can be applied in 2 ways: via UI or manually - by placing the file to a certain location.

Using UI

Once you've received your license file, just save it to your disk, click the "Upload a new license" button and choose the license file in the file picker dialog.

Applying license manually

  • Put your license file to the /data/license folder of your Resilio Management Console installation ("license" folder might need to be created manually). Data folder location:
    Windows: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server\data\license\
    Linux: ${resilio-connect-server}/var/data/
  • Make sure that the file is named "license.syncit"
  • Restart server if it is already running 


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