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AGENTS tab allows to overview all the information about connected agents, both online and offline. 

1. Control panel:
 - Connect New Agents: opens a wizard, helping to connect new agents. For detailed guide see here
 - Details: opens a table with details about an agents and its shares, jobs, status. Can be opened by double-clicking on the agent.
 - Edit tags: a tag editor. Tags are used in script commands and paths . Two default tags are already created (a,b) and new one is manually added (c) on sample below. Details about using tags are here


2. Agents' table. 
it lists the connected agents and shows the selected information about them. Right clicking on the table header lets pick wanted columns. Custom tags always appear at the bottom of the list. 

3. Side bar. 
Lists all currently existing groups and jobs as well as errors and warnings reported. In brackets the number of corresponding agents is mentioned. Clicking on a parameter (a group, a job or error) will list all the agents that fall into the selection. 

4. Agent's dashboard. 
Illustrates the current performance for the picked agent. See details about dashboard here

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