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Changing Resilio Connect Management Console ports

Resilio Management Console base settings (like ports, folders used, SSL certificates, etc.) are configured via resilio-connect-server.conf config file. Any changes made to this file require Console to be restarted to take effect.

Change the "port" value of "events_server" section to adjust port used by clients to report all file change events. Default value is 8445


Change the "port" value of "peerServer" section to adjust port used by clients to receive commands from the server (like, adding or removing folders according to your settings). Default value is 8444.

Please note that it is highly advised to adjust this port before your connect any of your clients to the Console, otherwise all already connected clients will be unable to connect after you apply the setting. This port value is automatically included into sync.conf once you decide to export it via Settings -> General -> Download Client Config.


Change the "port" value of the "https" section to adjust port used to access the Resilio server webui. Default value is 8443.

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