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Jobs View and adding new Jobs

Resilio Connect solves a number of data delivery tasks offering a simplified flow for each case. Each task is fulfilled through a corresponding job - Data Distribution, Data Synchronization and Data Consolidation. 

To add a new Job go to JOBS tab. 



1. These are certain types of jobs designed to serve particular cases. 

Distribution and Consolidation are one-time jobs, meaning they take and transfer the selected data once, after the job is created. When initial transfer is done, the job is not re-usable, and new one shall be created in order to sync new data. 

Synchronisation job is reusable, meaning that once the initial data transfer is done, you can add new data to the share and it'll get synced. 

 2. This panel shows the walk-though steps when creating a job.
The current step is highlighted on a side panel. 

See each job's details in corresponding article (Distribution, ConsolidationSynchronisation).

Once a Job is created it'll appear in JOBS list 



1. Control panel
 - Add job: goes to a wizard to add a job (illustrated above).
 - Details: opens details about the currently picked job. 
 - Edit: option to edit the job. 
 - Remove: removes the current job or a bunch of selected jobs. 
 - Pause: sets the job to pause. 
 - Search: does the search in jobs names. 

2. The list of jobs.
Jobs are organized in table. Right click on the table header gives a choice of preferred columns. Clicking on a column header sorts jobs by the parameter.

3. Side bar. 
Lists all currently existing group and jobs. In brackets the number of corresponding agents is mentioned. Clicking on a parameter (a group, a job) will list all the agents that fall into the selection.  

4. Jobs dashboard. 
Gives statistics overview for a picked job. For more details about dashboard see here

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