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Running server with custom digital certificate

Resilio Connect Management Console can use custom digital certificates and keys. There are two pairs utilized: one for web connections, the other for server-agent authentication. Either key shall be stripped off passphrase before feeding it to the server. 

There are two ways to point the server to custom certificate and key. Stop server before making any changes, and start after. 

1) editing Management Console configuration file, and pointing it to new .crt and .key 

"peerServer": {
"tls": {
"cert": "/path/to/own.crt",
"key": "/path/to/own.key"


"https": {
"ssl": {
"cert": "/path/to/new.crt",
"key": "/path/to/new.key"


2) putting own .crt and .key pairs into ${resilio_connect_server_dir}/var/certs directory instead of default ones. Ensure they have the same name, or adjust name.crt and name.key in config. 

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