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What's new in Resilio Connect v2.2

Resilio Connect v2.2 introduces a number of new features, many of them require a special license where the feature will be included. To get the update contact sales representative. 

Management Console API Requires license
Management console now supports https requests as REST API. Documentation for API is here. API calls are authorized by tokens, which can be generated in Management Console Settings tab -> API.

Multi-level user logins to Management Console Requires license
You can create user accounts to access Consoles’ WebUI, each having their own access level - read-only, admin or super admin roles. More details about user roles are here.

Tiny files speed transfer optimization
Now Resilio Agents implement an advanced algorithm of small files transfer allowing to significantly increase delivery speed of high numbers of tiny files.

Active Directory integration for admins Requires license
Allows to import administrators of Management Console from Active Directory. Before importing users, you'll need to configure LDAP connection to AD in General Settings.

Copy NTFS Permissions Requires license
Agents can sync ntfs permissions for files. Two levels of permission are synced: by DACL (syncing by user’s SID) and by owner group (syncing file’s owner and owner group). More details about it are here.

Tracker Server integrated
Now Resilio Connect Management Console automatically installs tracker on the same computer. The executable file will be located in resilio-connect-server/tracker directory. By default tracker uses port 3000, so this port needs to be opened in firewalls. Else the port can be changed by adding -p argument when launching tracker. Edit Profile and add new tracker value to "Custom trackers" parameter. See more details about setting tracker tup here.
Using this automatically installed tracker is optional and another instance can be installed on any computer (Windows or linux x64) in the mesh. "Custom trackers" option in Profile shall be pointing to this tracker accordingly.

Splunk Integration
Splunk is a tool for analysing logs. With it you can parse events.log recorded by Management Console to a human readable format and track down all events with files. More instruction on using Splunk are here.

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