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Dump debug status

Debug status file shows the current activity of the chosen agent. The dump can be taken of only one agent and it must be online. In Management Console go to Settings -> Logging, and select an agent 


Upon clicking on "Dump debug status", a new tab will open with debug info in json format. It shows the status and metrics of all jobs the agent takes part in, and it's mainly destined for analysis by support team.

Entries start with "id" parameter which is the internal identifier of the agent, common information about its status, number of active downloads and status of connection to trackers. 

"id": "46", 
"errors": [],
"torrents_count": 0,
"trackers": [
{ "address": "",
"connected": true,
"protocol": "uTP" }

This block is followed by jobs' status. Each job has its own internal "id", which is a random hash folder identifier. All agents doing this job will have same id . Fields there show the current activity, and are pretty self descriptive. Here're some details about "fs" part:

"fs": {
    "disk_io_queue_size": 0,        # the queue of read-write operations
    "fs_errors_number": 0,          # number of failed transfers. Zero is perfect.
    "indexing": false,              # performing periodic rescan of the folder
    "indexing_new_files": false,    # rechecking new or updated files. 
    "invalidated_files": 0,         # files updated in read-only folder
    "job_queues_size": {            # the number of file entries operations with the corresponding priority
     "high": 0,                     
     "idle": 0,                     
     "low": 0,                      
     "normal": 0                   

Following "peers" array shows the list of connected agents and their status, location, name, etc. If you have an agent in the job and it does not show up here, it means that these two agents are not connected to each other directly - check connection to tracker server and network tunnel between the agents. 

The closing section shows current statistics information about ongoing transfers. 

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