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Getting help and contacting support

If any questions appear in course of using Resilio Connect, go to Management Console tab Settings -> Support. Three options are available there: Contact SupportOpen Help Center and Advanced Logging

Before contacting support, go to tab Logging and ensure that debug logging is enabled for agents and problem reproduction is recorded there.

"Open Help Center" redirects to the current manual. Here you can find information about configuring and troubleshooting Resilio Connect. Use search or manually navigate through sections. If answer's not found, contact tech support team directly.

"Contact Support"

Clicking this will open a form. Fill it in and send to support team.


Email shall be valid and correct. Reply from support will be sent there. Entering several e-mail addresses is not supported. This field cannot be empty.

Describe the issue. The more precise description is the better. Give some details about affected jobs or agents configuration, or the steps that led to the problem, or the issue pattern. Giving specific details like filenames, job names, exact error messages, etc would help a lot.

Choose the agents to attach the logs. Select those that experience the problem. If the problem is that files are not synced across several agents, send the debug logs from at least two agents: the one that's supposed to upload files, and the one or a few that cannot receive them. Only online agents are selectable.

Attach Resilio Connect Console logs option will also add Management Console's logs to the request. In most cases these are also useful for debugging, so leave this option checked. 

Automatically upload to Resilio. If this option is checked, the request and selected logs will be sent to support right away after clicking 'Send Support Request'. The logs will be uploaded at the same bandwidth limits as set in Scheduler for the time given!
If option is not checked, the selected logs will be archived and set aside, and support request will not be sent. You will be able to do it later.

"Last contact support status"

This block appears if option "Automatically upload to Resilio" was left unchecked.


Selected logs will be zipped and stored on the computer where Management Console is installed:

Windows: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server\support_requests
Windows: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server\support_requests
Linux: {resilio-connect-server}\support_requests

Optionally, you can download them to the computer where you're currently sitting at. 
You can manually upload them later: go to and add the files to upload queue. After upload status gets to 100%, support request will be formed automatically using the given contact e-mail. After that you can dismiss the 'last contact support status' block. 
You cannot create a new support request until this one is dismissed - click "Cancel" for that. Restarting Management Console also results in it being cleared. 


"Advanced logging"
Use this option to collect the debug logs from selected agents and manually send them to support team. Select several agents, click button "Fetch". Once logs are fetchedd, they are stored here: 

- Windows C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\resilio-connect-server\data\clients-logs
- Linux: get logs in ${resilio-connect-server}/var/data/client-logs folder.

It's possible to download them locally using button "Ready for download" and send to support via any means suggested in the course. 

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