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What's New In Resilio Connect v2.3

Resilio Connect v2.3 introduces a number of new features and improvements.

New Job Prioritization

Jobs can now have different priority levels (10 levels of prioritization)  - When a new job is created it's queued depending on its priority. If there's already a job with higher priority, the new job will wait until the higher priority one stops transferring files. Read More .

Improved Performance

Transfer large files and millions of smaller files faster over your WAN and LAN without the need to wait for indexing to complete. The uTP2 protocol (WAN optimization) protocol has been improved as well. Data transfer speeds have  increased up to 70% as compared to 2.2 ( from 14MB/s to 24MB/s in 1-to-1 transfers) over WAN.

Improved Profile Settings  

Settings are now under both Agent and Job profiles for more convenience and flexibility for configuration. We have also added the ability to add Custom Parameters for new features as they become available.  Read more.

Add selected Agents to a job without Groups

Now you can select Agents or Groups in your Jobs.

Enhanced Support Interface

Send debug logs from agents automatically when contacting our support team . Read more.

New Real-Time Status Graph

New graphs that show the ongoing activity for all jobs in real-time.

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