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Adding agents to a running transfer job

 Resilio Connect v2.4.2 and newer offers an option to add agents to a currently running transfer job:
new destination agents can be added to Distribution job;
new source agents can be added to Consolidation job.
This option helps to save time: now there's no need to wait till job's complete or abort it so as to transfer files to some more agents which are not in the job yet.  
To do it, double click on job or click on “Details” when job is running. Click on “Add agents” ....
......and select agents from the list, a few or one. Point the path for share for these agents. 
Note, that this way new agents are added only for the current job transfer. It means that when job’s complete, these new agents don’t remain in the job. To add new agents to the job permanently use “Edit” button when job’s not running.
Adding agents also works through API call
Also there's an option to stop the job on a selected agent or a few agents. For that, when job is running, go to job details and click on “Stop on agent” button. Select the wanted agent and click the button to stop the job for it. Multi select is not supported. 


Only current job transfer is stopped for the selected agents, they are removed from UI from job details. To permanently remove the agent from the job, use “Edit” when job is not running.
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