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High Availability Advisory

Starting from v2.4.4 Resilio Connect product is high availability ready. This articles outlines how to deploy Resilio Connect MC and configure jobs to ensure high availability (HA) of your whole setup.

Management Console

Setting up Management Console HA includes the following steps:

  1. Install 2 Management Consoles; consider one to be primary and the other to be secondary. Secondary MC should NOT be running.
  2. Set up a DNS CNAME for your MC, ensure your local DNS server points to primary MC address only
  3. Ensure you always put a DNS name of MC into Agents configuration file
  4. Edit primary MC's configuration file fields winston.db.database and winston.backup.schedule 
    - point backup location to either shared network drive / SAN OR*
    - point backup location to secondary MC over any preferred network protocol*
    - set backup frequency to 1 hour
  5. Your secondary MC should check the status of primary by querying "https://<host:port>/status".
  6. If requests succeeds and server is active, check the latest "latest_backup" field.
  7. If requests time-out a few times or return non-"working" status, follow the crossover procedure below
* When using SMB mapped location, always use UNC path - not the mapped drive letter. Also, ensure that the user running Agent has access to the share.

Server Crossover procedure

  1. Ensure secondary server got the latest backup locally (i.e. copy it from network location if necessary)
  2. Launch secondary server with restore backup parameter:
    Linux: ./srvctrl --restore <unpacked_backup_folder>
    Windows: srvctrl --restore <unpacked_backup_folder>
  3. Change your DNS CNAME to point to secondary MC server.

Tracker Server

  1. Install additional Tracker Server on machine other than primary MC
  2. Set next Default Agent Profile parameters:
    - Custom trackers - to tracker server which runs on primary MC and your spare tracker server.
    - Custom tracker mode - High Availability

Agents & Jobs HA

While deploying agents, ensure to deliver a sync.conf file which contains DNS name of your MC, not IP address.
Each Job's HA depends on a type of job you want to make highly available.

Synchronization job

HA available only if you have a limited (1-3) number of RW agents. As a HA measure just set up one more RW agent on a separate machine.

Consolidation job

Set up one more agent as "Destination" on separate machine. Please note, that destination agents MUST NOT save data from sources to the same physical location (i.e. data cannot be saved to same network or SAN location).

Distribution job

Set up one more agent as "Destination" on separate machine. Ensure, it has fastest connection possible to the source and has data pre-seeded. Alternatively, reserve destination machine may point to the same data location as source does (i.e. same network / SAN location).
Note, that in either case reserve agent will still need some time to receive metadata from source. The exact time depends on data size, CPU power and storage speed. Once reserve agent got the metadata, it'll keep seeding data to all other destinations even if source dies.


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