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Using SD card on Android agent

Resilio Connect agent on Android has access only to its sandbox on SD card. It’s located in <SD card>/Android/data/com.resilio.connect.agent/files folder. If it does not exist, manually create it on the android device using any file manager. Otherwise agent will give error when trying to start the job.

To put a sync folder on SD card, use %SDCARD% path macro when creating the job. Type it in capitals (!) otherwise error “Don’t have permissions to write to selected folder” will pop up, the job won’t appear on mobile agent and won’t work until the path is fixed.


If Android agent is in a group with other desktop agents, all the same use Custom path and set necessary path macro, if necessary, for each platform:


Job’s path will resolve into
/<path to SD card>/Android/data/com.resilio.connect.agent/files/Sync job for Android agent.

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