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What's new in Resilio Connect 2.4

Resilio Connect v2.4 introduces a number of new features and improvements.

Advanced User Groups
Resilio Connect Admins can now create and manage User Groups. These User Groups can be granted Full Access or View only permissions for Groups and Agents. They can also be granted these same access level privileges for specific Jobs. Same permissions are inherited for API keys generated for this user. Read more about user groups and roles here.

Global whitelist and blacklist of files.
This new option now available in the Management Console allows you to Whitelist or Blacklist files and folders in the Jobs profile. This can also be accomplished on a per Agent level by creating an “IgnoreList” file in the root of the Jobs folder Folder. Read more about IgnoreList here.

Show Agent Events in Management Console 
Agents keep records of all Job related events and are able to show them through Management Console UI. A Resilio Connect Admin can now view or download these event Logs, as well as use them with a 3rd party tool such as Splunk which can be used for advanced reporting and notifications. Read more about agent events here.

Resume scheduled jobs
If a scheduled Job has been manually paused, a new option called “Resume scheduled jobs” in Job Profile will force the job to start despite pause. Applies only to Distribution, Consolidation and Script jobs.

WAN optimization speed improvements
Improvements in uTP2 have been made to make WAN optimization work better.

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