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Management Console and/or Agents forget all settings after Windows update

After upgrading your windows with the October 2018 Update, your Resilio Connect Management Console or Agent may stop working in the following way:

  • Management Console behaves like a brand new one - no settings, license, or groups.
  • Agents cannot connect to the Management Console OR create a duplicate Agent with the same name (while the old one stays in disconnected state).

This happens because the Windows Upgrade moves all the LOCAL SYSTEM and LOCAL SERVICE accounts' home folders to C:\Windows.Old\Windows location. As a result, the Resilio Products do not see their service files and "forget" all the settings they preciously had. 

There are a few ways to resolve this issue:

• Method One

  1. Stop the service 
  2. Move the Resilio storage folder from C:\Windows.old\Windows into C:\Windows (keeping the rest of the relative path)
  3. Start the service

Once you've restored of the affected agents, remove the offline agent duplicates on Management Console.

• Method Two

Download and run PowerShell script attached to the article. The script detects the issue and restores storage folder automatically. To run the script:

  1. Download it
  2. Open "Run" window (just hit Win + R shortcut) and enter next command:
    powershell –ExecutionPolicy Bypass
  3. In new PowerShell console run the script with agent or server key:
    restore-resilio-storage.ps1 -Agent


            restore-resilio-storage.ps1 -Server

The script will stop service, restore it's original service data and launch it again.

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