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Understanding Job Runs

Notion of Job Runs was introduced in Resilio Connect v.2.5.0.

All jobs, apart from Sync Job, have a finite runtime with a specific moment it can be considered as finished - successful, manually aborted or failed. Job Run is basically the Job execution from its start to end, during which the configured file delivery is performed and/or scripts are executed. Each Job Run is numerated. 

First launch of a newly created job gets #1 index and then it's incremented upon each Job restart. All Job Runs appear on tab JOBS and consist of Job name and the index. When a Job is finished and then restarted, a new Job Run appears. 


Job Runs only show the current run of a Job and allow to watch the process of job execution, see the result. Job Run is not designed to allow editing a Job  - you can edit only the Job itself on "Configure Jobs" tab and restart it, new Job Run will appear.

To start a new Job click on "Start Job" button. It opens a list of jobs. 

A Job cannot have several active Job Runs. If a selected job already has a Run, corresponding warning will appear. 

It is also possible to restart and already finished (aborted) Job Run. Multi select is supported for Runs of different Jobs, i.e. it's not possible to restart several Job Runs of one Job due to the reason above.

Sync Job Runs 
Sync Job - is a  special type of job. It has its peculiarities due to the fact that it's an ongoing synchronization job that does not have any 'finish' state. It means that even though the Job Run can have status "Synced", the Job itself will still have status "Running". Sync Job can have only one Job Run. If a Sync Job is updated, its Run is just moved up in the list of Job Runs.


Clicking on a Job Run opens its details. It gives a clear way to see the status of each agent and overall 
Shows the general information about Job Run for the given working moment or result of its completion. 


Job Run Info

Charts are depicting current speed, files and bytes synced, network failures. These are most useful to watch for an active Run as they work in real-time mode. 
Shows the state of each agent for the moment of run completion. Thus some agents may show up as offline there, cause they indeed where offline when run stopped, even though the agent is now online.
From here one can add more agents to the Run (only to an active Run!), remove some agents, or restart the finished Run on some of them, or watch the Agent's event log.  
Shows the event logs for this Run. These are events recorded by all agents in the logs, and are masked by "Console's events detalization" parameter in Job's profile. 
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