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What's new in Resilio Connect 2.5

Resilio Connect v 2.5. comes with a totally renewed UI and improved approach to monitoring jobs activity. Here's what is introduced in Resilio Connect. 


Redesigned menu

Pages layout and navigation were updated to help better understand what is going on in the setup. Each menu is devoted to a concept - dealing with Jobs or Agents, configuring their settings, administrating Management Console itself, inspecting alerts and events. 
Special attention was payed to navigation and  simplified browsing across Management Console. Some pages are cross linked so as to easily dig into more details without losing the context. 

Redesigned menu


Agents and Jobs details 

Jobs and Agents are closely tied and interrelated. It's possible to view details about an agent and see its current activity in all its jobs. From here one can jump to one of the jobs to see the details of the job and other agents in it.  

Agents and job details


Job Runs 

The new notion gives a whole new idea about jobs. A Job Run is basically a unit of a Job between its start and finish. It's mostly useful to watch the current progress of job execution as well as see the history of previous runs, file transfers and scripting. Read more about Job Runs here




Helps to track all the alerts and errors that happen to agents and Management Console. These are organized into a readable table and are linked to affected Job Runs or agent. Read more about events here

Job runs

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