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Transfer priority for an agent

Transfer priority can be changed for an agent so that some jobs are finished before others for this particular agent. This only applies to an agent that receives files:destination agents in Distribution and Consolidation jobs, and a downloading agent in Sync job. 

These priorities are applied only to the given agent and are not going to affect other agents in the job, they are going to work in accordance with Job's priority setting.  

To change transfer priority for an agent go to agent details and select the priority from drop down menu.  It can be changed for the transfers that are currently running. 



By default Job's priority is applied, and can be seen as "Default (N)" in the menu. If a transfer gets a higher priority, others are paused. Once the first one is done, agent switches to the next transfer with higher priority. If there are a few with same priority, they'll be done simultaneously. 
The transfers that are currently paused have 'syncing' status 

When the job is done and restarted again, the agent will continue using custom priorities! 

Also, if an agent starts using custom priority and then the whole job has its priority changed, the agent will continue using the custom one. 

Starting with Resilio Connect v2.4.2 these also work in API

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