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Automatically sorting new agent into groups

Resilio Connect v2.5.2 allows to automatically add newly connected agents to a certain group. 
It is done using agent tags in agent config: first we need to assign tags to agents in its config and then set rules for sorting. When making first connection to MC, agent sends these tags, the sorting rule applies and agent ends up in the configured group.

Add necessary tags to sync.conf file, to top level. 

  "tags": {

 NOTE: in tag name only upper case is allowed! 


Set rules for groups sorting. Go to groups and create new or edit existing group. On tab "Tags" enable sorting
NOTE: regexes are supported here, so all agents that have the matching value will be added to this group.



Important notes: 

1) If several groups have similar or same sorting rules, and an agent tags match them all, agent will be added to the groups in order of their creation time, until it faces a conflict. Agent won't be added to the first conflicting group. Event about this will appear in Events tab

2) Tags from config are used only when agent connects to MC for the first time ever.  It also means the following:
- if you add tag to sync.conf later, after agent connects to MC, these will be just skipped and won't be applied. Use Console's UI to manage tags for already connected agents. 

- these tags will appear in Console UI and can be used by other agents.





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