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Packaging sync.conf inside Agent installer

The Agent installation to endpoint computer implies bringing at least 2 files: the installer or archive and the configuration file sync.conf which contains information to connect to your Management Console.

Sometimes it is preferable to package sync.conf inside the installer to get a single-file-installer which does not require any extra actions, in cases like:

  • Installation process is done by user and not supervised by administrator
  • Administrator has several configuration files for different groups of users \ locations

The packaging process is described for Windows and OS X in this article.


Important Note

The resulting .pkg or .msi files are unsigned. If your installation policy requires files to be signed, you'll have to sign them with your own digital certificate.

Download the solution from Resilio, Inc. public Git repository. The packaging script requires Powershell v5.0 or newer to run. Download Agent MSI installers from Connect download site and sync.conf from your Management Console. Running the script depends on shell you use:

  • If you run script from powershell:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Force
    attach-sync-conf-to-msi.ps1 -MSIPath <path_to_msi> -SyncConfPath <path_to_config>
  • If you run script from command prompt:
    powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Noprofile attach-sync-conf-to-msi.ps1 -MSIPath <path_to_msi> -SyncConfPath <path_to_config>

The script will exit and rename the MSI to <MSI_Name>_configured.msi. If you plan to install agents on computers with different architectures (x86 and x64), you need to run script separately for each MSI installer.

Downloads solution from Resilio, Inc. public Git repository. The packaging shellscript requires pkgbuild tool to be installed (bundled with XCode tool and sometimes is preinstalled on your Mac). Download Agent for Macs, the mountable disk image, from our download site and place it next to script. Also download sync.conf from your Management Console and put in the same folder. Open Terminal and navigate to the folder containing Run commands:

chmod +x

The script will create resilio-connect-agent.pkg file in the same directory. This package uses standard OS X installation dialog and registers Agent as LaunchAgent which starts as soon as user logs in to their OS X.

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