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How to remove agent from MC

Resilio Connect Management Console allows to remotely disconnect an agent and thus remove it from all jobs. 

 Understanding what happens next comes from knowing how agent is authorized on MC - trough bootstrap token and client token (read more).

1) Once agent is removed from MC, its client_token is erased from MC records and agent is not authorized anymore. It's removed from the jobs  Event 'Invalid authentication token" appears for this agent in Events. Agent appears as offline. 

2) Agent uses bootstrap token from its config file to attempt to reconnect to MC, in 30 seconds after being removed from MC.
 - If bootstrap token matches that in MC settings, agent reconnects automatically. It won't re-join its job. To prevent agent from reconnecting in this case you may want to regenerate bootstrap in MC settings. All currently online agents wont be affected.
 - If bootstrap on MC has changed by this time and token from config no longer matches it, agent won't reconnect. 

Files removal

When removing agent from MC this way, mind parameter "Keep folder data" in Agent profile as it may force agent to remove files which were part of the job

Another sure way to remove the agent from MC is to do it on agent's side - stop agent process and delete its storage folder

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