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Connect Agent UI

Starting with version 2.6.0, Resilio Connect Agent allows opening UI on local computer to monitor syncing activity. It's supported for Windows and OS X operating systems. 

Enabling UI

To enable agent UI, agent config must have "use_gui":true inserted. There's a special script to edit agent's config file. 
This can be done:
 - for already installed and running agents - via a Script job  
 - when performing Agent update - in combination with Update distribution job.
 - for newly installed agents - manually when creating sync.conf for it.

In the end config shall look like this at minimum:

"folders_storage_path": "%DOWNLOADS%",
"management_server": {
"host": "",
"cert_authority_fingerprint": "61887..d95578",
"bootstrap_token": "FH..K",
"disable_cert_check": false

For new installation on Windows put agent’s config beside msi and run the msi. On step select option to create shortcut for UI and add it to autostart.

Agent will install and run as Windows Service. It will also create shortcut on desktop that will launch UI. Agent icon will appear in tray. 

On Windows UI is just an additional feature to the Windows Service. It  cannot run if the service not running. On the other hand, the service is not dependent on UI module. Even if you quit UI, Agent service will continue working and syncing files.


Agent UI

Agent UI is html based. It has two tabs: Folders and History. Folders tab lists the sync shares and shows their status. History is the list of events for this agent, it’s a good source to trace the syncing activity for the last 30 days..

Folders tab has the following columns:

Name - name of sync folder. Agent shows only Sync jobs folders. Click on the folder name opens the folder in file browser. Right-click on the folder name gives option to open its Archive. Shared with Selective Sync enabled don’t have background filling.

Status - all these reflect status toward priority_peers if these are set in Job profile (Synced, Progress, Paused, Error, No peers, Connecting to peers)

Size - total size of the share.

Sending / Receiving - the current upload and download speed respectively. Clicking on it opens the list of file that are being uploaded or downloaded. Only 10 currently active files are shown in the queue.

Path - full path to the directory on the workstation.

Local Size - the size of files present on this agent. For shares with Selective Sync enabled, it usually differs from total Size.

Upload files / Download files - the number of files pending in upload/download queue. The list of files is to be viewed in Sending / Receiving columns.

Files / Local Files - the count of files in the share, total vs present on the agent. For Selective Sync shares the count may differ even if status is ‘Synced’.

Date added - time when the job was created for this agent and appeared here.

Date synced - the date when agent verified and confirmed that it’s synced up. Agent does it periodically every 10 minutes and upon restart. If status is ‘Synced’, it’s also duplicated at the bottom of UI and in tray icon menu.

Last transferred - date when file bits were actually transferred. Unlike “Date synced”, it only shows actual data transfer time. Thus it may be behind “Date Synced” if nothing has been actually transferred since then.


At the bottom of UI

There’s option to pause agent. To allow a user to pause agent, MC admin shall add custom parameter allow_pause_from_ui:true to Agent’s profile.

If user pauses agent in UI, pause tooltip says ‘Paused by user’. If agent is paused by Scheduled in MC, tooltip says “Paused by admin”. These two pauses interlap.

Center field shows either Last Synced time or a core error:
Bind port busy
No connection to tracker server
No network connection
No connection to Management Console
Failed to connect to Management Console: invalid certificate fingerprint

Info shows current version of the Agent and status of connection to MC. There’s also checkbox to enable/disable system notifications.


Utilizing UI

The agent has an icon in taskbar that represent the current synchronization status:
  • Empty if synced, if nothing to download/upload;
  • Up/down arrows, if there is an active download process (for selective sync too) or active upload to specific host
  • Red dot if there is error or agent disconnected from MC
  • Paused if agent paused
Right-click on icon opens menu with the following info 
  • syncing: up/down speed and number of files up/down, ETA;
  • synced: last synced time and files synced.
  • error: status may be syncing or failed, error indicator (can we link it to error in UI?). Cannot connect to MC
Agent also has taskbar system notifications:
  • Low disk space (agent is running out of space on the drive where sync share’s located)
  • Too Large File Detected (file size exceeds file system limitations, e.g. 4+GB on FAT32)
  • File is locked (agent does not have access to the file right now)
  • Excessive time difference (UTC time difference between agents is more than 600 seconds)
  • Not enough permissions to access "file/folder" (the agent does not have read-write permissions to the mentioned file/folders)
  • Service files are not correct or missed (the identifier file .sync/ID of the share was deleted or got corrupt)
  • Wrong location or folder was deleted (the folder itself was deleted from the drive)
  • Finished uploading files to "Server" (if priority peer is set in MC)
  • File editing conflict (if notify_file_edit_conflict_time_diff is set in MC)

Priority Server 

The idea is that agent notifies user that the files are uploaded to a certain server so that the user is confident that files are there and thus can delete them off the workstation. Also, agent will tie all its other statuses to this server: synced, number of agents connected, etc.
To set up the server, put custom parameter priority_peers with Agent ID as value in Job Profile. Agent ID can be learned from the agent details. If several agents need to be defined, use semicolon (;) as separator.

File Edit conflict

To enable notification add custom parameter notify_file_edit_conflict_time_diff with value to Agent profile. Value is in seconds and it’s the maximum difference between “date modified” of files for them to be considered conflicting. It works only if local file was updated and then on remote agent file was updated within that time. In other word: if userA updates local file, then userB updates file as well, file is moved to Archive on A’s computer and A is notified about this. Notification won’t appear if B just changes mtime of file (with ‘touch’ for example)


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