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Assigning agent a custom name

By default agent takes  name after the hostname of the device it's installed on. If one requires name to be different, it can be done by adjusting sync.conf file.

The name of the agent can be set with "device_name" parameter in the top level of parameters. Here's the sample of modified sync.conf:

  "device_name": "Spaceship XC19",
  "folders_storage_path": "%DOWNLOADS%",
  "management_server": {
     "host": "",
     "cert_authority_fingerprint": "59ae95a0f6017464a4987d6ed02596d7a314723d9e430ecd899373237726d0e9",
     "bootstrap_token": "XFTDZXLCYN4A3PJUS6TJKPMG5VKOWAAS",
     "disable_cert_check": false

Follow JSON syntax

When editing sync.conf file please remember the following JSON syntax rules:

  • The device name is a string value and must be quoted
  • each non-last parameter must have a trailing comma at the end
  • Special characters must be escaped
  • When editing, ensure your text editor is not decorating quotes and other elements of file like OS X "TextEdit" app does.
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